APSA Africa Workshop on Religion and Politics

APSA Africa Workshop: Religion and Politics in Comparative Perspective

Sahel Research Group coordinator, Leonardo Villalón, along with his UF colleague Kenneth Wald, distinguished professor of Political Science, served as the two US-based workshop leaders for the 2013 American Political Science Association’s Africa workshop. The team also included three African based codirectors: Professors Augustin Loada (Burkina Faso), Mahaman Tidjani-Alou (Niger) and Dr. Einas Ahmed (Sudan).

On the theme of “Religion and Politics in Comparative Perspective,” the two-week workshop was held in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, in collaboration with our partner organization, the Center for Democratic Governance. The program brought together twenty-two young African scholars, from seventeen different countries, both Anglophone and Francophone, as well as five US and European based scholars, for intensive training and discussion on carrying out research on the issue of religion and politics in Africa. Sahel Research Group team member Daniel Eizenga was among the US-based participants in the event.