Islam in Africa working group

Islam in Africa working group

The Islam in Africa Working Group is sponsored by the University of Florida Center for African Studies, with the goal of sharing and expanding both teaching and research on the Muslim societies of Africa. The group offers an interdisciplinary forum for graduate students and faculty to present their current research projects on topics related to Muslim Africa. The working group also periodically invites scholars from outside of the University of Florida to present on their research on issues of relevance to Islam in Africa. Each Spring semester the working group organizes a symposium that brings together a select group of scholars to speak to a theme of particular interest in contemporary Muslim Africa.
These themes have included: slavery and social justice in Muslim West Africa, “militant Islam” in contemporary Africa, and Islamic NGOs and development issues in Africa. Members of the Sahel Research Group are also active participants in the Islam in Africa working group and the two groups often coordinate and cosponsor activities.

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Coordinator – Professor Terje Østebø

Graduate AssistantIbrahim Yahaya Ibrahim

Faculty Co-organizers