Sahel Seminar

Sahel Seminar

The weekly Sahel Seminar brings together the core research team of the Sahel Research Group, a number of other graduate students and faculty with broader interests in the region, and occasional guests. Meetings serve as a forum to discuss and analyze current events and ongoing trends in the Sahel, and to periodically discuss research projects and activities by group members as well as to hear from visitors working on the Sahel.

Coordinator – Professor Leonardo Villalon

Graduate Assistant Academic Year 2015-2016 – Mamadou Bodian

Graduate Assistant Academic Year 2014-2015 – Ibrahim Yahaya Ibrahim

Graduate Assistant Academic Year 2013-2014 – Ibrahim Yahaya Ibrahim

Graduate Assistant Academic Year 2012-2013 – Daniel Eizenga

Faculty Participants

  • Renata Serra
  • Alioune Sow
  • Abdoulaye Kane
  • Terje Østebø

Graduate Student Participants:

  • Oumar Ba
  • Mamadou Bodian
  • Ben Burgen
  • Amanda Edgell
  • Dan Eizenga
  • John Hames
  • Emily Hauser
  • Ibrahim Yahaya Ibrahim
  • Eric Lake
  • Sheldon Wardwell

Guests and Visitors:

  • Sally Baden
  • Mamadou Cissé
  • Laryssa Chomiak
  • Isaie Dougnon
  • Iba Mar Faye
  • Ladiba Gondeu
  • Jeanne Koopman
  • Andrew Lebovich
  • Robert Parks
  • Alex Thurston
  • Ann Wainscott