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Sahel seminars

Sahel seminars

The Sahel Research Group organizes regular seminars open to everyone interested in discussing current events and issues in the region. They are intended as informal open conversations and sharing about the region, and not as formal presentations or talks. Please note that our weekly seminars are no longer organized on Friday from 11:45 to 12:45 in 109 Rolfs Hall due to the Covid pandemic.

Past seminars and guest interviews:

2020 | 2019 | 2018 | 2017


-January 10, 2020. Update on the Sahel
– January 17, 2020. Discussion on the forthcoming workshop on Fulani and Tuareg communities
– January 24, 2020. Workshop on Media and “Public” Islam in Africa & Elsewhere, cosponsored by UF’s Center for African Studies and the Department of Religion.
-July 24, 2020. Virtual Sahel Seminar. Malian Protests.


– February 22, 2019. Dr Dinah Hanaford (Texas A&M University), Race, Gender, and Development (abstract).
– March 15, 2019. Dr Mathews Paret (University of Florida), Niger and WASCAL visitors Willi Adzawala & Mamane Bello Garba Hima, Climate change economics and social dynamics
– April 19, 2019. Judd Devermont (Center for Strategic and International Studies)
– March 29, 2019. Dr Clionadh Raleigh (University of Sussex), elite networks in Africa (flyer).
– September 13, 2019.  Robyn D’Avignon, New York University
– September 27, 2019. Eric Silla, U.S. Government
– November 1, 2019. Peter Tinti, Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime and independent journalist
– November 8, 2019.  Cheikh Babou, University of Pennsylvania


– February 16, 2018. Dr Matt Kirwin (US Department of State). Insecurity and Migration in the Sahel.
– March 2, 2018. Dr Fallou Ngom (Boston University), Dr Fiona McLaughlin (University of Florida). Ajami and other writing systems in the Sahel.
– March 30, 2018. Dr Alex Thurston (Georgetown University). Iyad and Alghabass: The Shifting Boundaries of Jihadism in Northern Mali.
– April 20, 2018. Ambassador Alexander M. Laskaris (US Department of State, AFRICOM). AFRICOM’s current activities in the Sahel.
– September 28, 2018. Dr Kelley Sams (University of Florida). Public health initiatives and the circulation of medications in sub-Saharan Africa.
– October 12, 2018. Dr Olivier Walther (University of Florida). Mapping women’s trade networks in West Africa.
– October 26, 2018. Joe Penney, independent journalist and photographer; cofounder of
– November 16, 2018. Dr Frédérick Madore (University of Florida). Current dynamics of Islam in Burkina Faso


– September 15, 2017. Dr Olivier Walther (University of Florida). Cities and Borders in West Africa.
– October 13, 2017. Awa Doucouré (Gaston Berger University). Higher Education Reforms in Senegal.
– October 20, 2017. Ibrahim Yahaya Ibrahim (University of Florida). Pastoralism and Jihadism in the Sahel.
– December 15, 2017. Lt Col Yssouf Traoré (Malian army and US Army War College). Perspectives on the Malian army and the G5 Sahel.

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