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Below you will find a selection of books, journal articles and other publications published by the Sahel Research Group.

Articles and book chapters
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Entre le Savoir et le Culte: Activisme et mouvements religieux dans les universités du Sahel
edited by Leonardo Villalón and Mamadou Bodian
Amalion Publishing, 2020.



book cover

Democratic Struggle, Institutional Reform and State Resilience in The African Sahel
edited by Leonardo A. Villalón and Rahmane Idrissa
Lexington Books, 2020.




The Geography of Conflict in North and West Africa
(French) edited by Marie Trémolières, Olivier J. Walther and Steven M. Radil
OECD Publishing, 2020.



African Border Disorders. Addressing Transnational Extremist Organizations
edited by Olivier J. Walther and William F.S. Miles
Routledge, 2018.




Muslim Youth and the 9/11 Generation
edited by Benjamin Soares and Adeline Masquelier
University of New Mexico Press & SAR Press, 2016.




Political Parties in Africa. Ethnicity and Party Formation
by Sebastian Elischer
Cambridge University Press, 2013.




African Migrations: Patterns and Perspectives
edited by Abdoulaye Kane and Todd H. Leedy
Indiana University Press, 2013.




Medicine, Mobility, and Power in Global Africa: Transnational Health and Healing
edited by Hansjörg Dilger, Abdoulaye Kane and Stacey A. Langwick
Indiana University Press, 2012.



The Languages of Urban Africa
edited by Fiona Mc Laughlin
A&C Black, 2009.




The Fate of Africa’s Democratic Experiments: Elites and Institutions
edited by Leonardo A. Villalón and Peter Von Doepp
Indiana University Press, 2005.




Islamic Society and State Power in Senegal
by Leonardo A. Villalón
Cambridge University Press, 1995.

Articles and book chapters

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Other Publications